Lauren's teaching style is derived from her classical training.  While there are several styles of singing, the same basic breathing, placement and other general vocal techniques apply to all styles. She also believes that the strength and energy of the body are essential for being the best singer you can be.  Her approach combines technigue, placement, mental imagery, and a series of vocal exercises tailored to your particular needs.

While trained in classical, operatic styles originally, Lauren sings and teaches other styles as well including musical theater, rock, pop, jazz, country and folk.

Her students range in age from 6 years old, to 74 years old - from beginners to advanced.  She also coaches professionals on specific material, and offers one time sessions for auditions and shows.   


Johanna Stahley (singer/songwriter) 
" In my first lesson with Lauren, I learned more about how to successfully approach breath support than I had in the previous 10 years of being a professional singer. She gave me two simple exercises that made me so much stronger.
At the beginning of our lessons we talked about what I wanted to achieve and then she geared the lesson toward that. Whether it be pitch, control or breathing - she made the lesson really work for my style.
If you are willing to practice, Lauren can make you a better, more confident singer, performer and musician. That's what she did for me and my new album is the proof."
Marisa D (Teacher/singer)
Lauren is a truly gifted teacher! She has an incredibly wide range of musical knowledge and experience making her a diversified and very capable instructor. Her teaching style is comfortable and encouraging yet she pushes me beyond what I could achieve on my own. She immediately pin-pointed my needs and devised a plan with specific exercises to address those needs. I significantly improved my singing very quickly.  I am singing with more strength and clarity than I could ever have imagined. I highly recommend Lauren for children, teens and adults at every level. She is outstanding!
Craig C. (Singer)
In a few short months with Lauren, I feel for the first time, I am truly learning valuable tools and training my voice.  Lauren insightful intelligent, talented, patient and most importantly, she truly cares about her students.  She is a GEM!
Denise H. (singer)
I have been taking voice lessons since I was 14 (over 20 years!) and the way Lauren explains various techniques has helped me tremendously in my singing! No one has ever been able to get me to breath like she does. I am very happy with her expertise!
Chris L. (Guitar Player/Beginner Singer)
"The strides I made in just eight sessions were amazing.  Lauren laid a foundation that continues to develop my vocal abilities even while I'm on break.  Can't wait to start again..."